Ridzewski GmbH  
Prozess und Laboranalytik

We support companies in the food industry to ensure their product quality via packaging - and with excellent service at fair prices!

The fields of activity

Ridzewski GmbH develops, builds, sells and maintains oxygen and CO2 measuring devices used in the chemical, gas, electronics and food industries. Our second product area is leak testing devices in different sizes and designs. These can be operated automatically and manually and are mainly used in the quality control of products packaged under a protective atmosphere.


Flexibility and many years of experience in dealing with gas measuring and leakage test devices from a wide range of brands form our basis for perfect service. Our service is based on your needs. The repair time for defective devices is between one and three days.

Oxygen or O2 / CO2 analyzers

The Zr-Ox MK II is the basic model and is used for the continuous measurement of oxygen or O2 / CO2 concentrations in inert gases (N2, CO2, Ar, etc.) in the range from 1ppm to 99.9% for O2 and 0 , 1 to 99.9% for CO2 in any industrial process.

Leak tester

Check non-destructively: In the case of protective gas sealing of products, it can happen that individual packs do not seal completely. Most reason for these are leaks in the micro range that cannot be detected immediately or with conventional test methods such as a water bath.